Nova Scotia

JHII Nova Scotia recap for 2016 and plans for 2017

JHII had a very successful entry into Nova Scotia. We continued to assist local citizens who are desperate for help. We have gifted a hospital bed, an antique rocking chair, linens, pillows, etc for the hospital bed and various other items to a couple who were rescued from England. We would like to get an electric chair to assist this individual.

We advanced $300 to an outstanding young lady who attend university next fall. This outstanding young lady is an outstanding student. She works hard and takes her education seriously. We hope to advance additional funds to total $5,000 on or before August 1st of 2017. She will enter university in the fall of year 2017.

We purchased and paid for 3 cars in year 2016. We are in the process of selling the 2004 Taurus. We just took delivery on a used Wood-Mizer mill, model T28. Plans are to set the mill up on a concrete foundation and then build a shell around the building to protect the mill from the weather. Cost of the mill was $12,000 and it has only 400 hours use. We are in negotiations to buy a used tractor in the first half of year 2017. This tractor will last for a year or two at which time we will purchase a bigger more powerful tractor. We purchased two boats – one a square backed canoe with a 2 hp gasoline engine. The second boat has a 17 hp engine. We also own a 354 big block Chevy engine on our airboat. The boats will be used to move logs across the lake to our mill and to use for marketing. Our lots across the lake are water access only.

We have under contract to purchase, a 200 foot frontage on the Ohio Road side of Lake Deception. The depth is 100 feet. We hope to use the area as a launch pad for future lot owners across the lake. After the initial 17 lots are sold, we will subdivide additional lots on the back side of Lake Deception along MaHaney Creek. With the funds from lot sales in addition to camps and milled lumber sales, JHII is set for an ambitious future. We may bring an apprentice “sawyer” from Ecuador or Panama.

We have identified several good sources for trees to log and mill into materials to build cottages on the lots we have just created on the 286 acre parcel across Lake Deception. We arranged for the approval of our first subdivision creating 3 lake front lots. Lot 1 is 5 acres square in shape with 40 feet of lake frontage. Lot 2 is 3.5 acres with over 200 feet of lake frontage. Lot 3 has 3.0 acres with over 200 feet of lake frontage. Lot 1 is listed at $35,000. Lot 2 is listed for $30,000 and Lot 3 is listed for $27,500. We keep the number of lots low to avoid high taxes.

One of the reasons for purchasing the mill is to get enough milled pine and eastern hemlock to build a number of camps on the shores of Lake Deception. Eventually, we will have seventeen lots on our 3,000 + feet of lake frontage on the west side of our 286 acre ownership. We sold an isolated one acre lot in 2015. We are considering helping a young Central American gentleman to assist with the cutting down of 80 foot trees, moving them to the mill and assisting with the milling of the lumber. I will personally teach this young man how to run the mill, how to harvest mature trees, and how to build a board and batten cottage. Our broker advises that cottages will be easier to sell than raw land. We will provide the first employee with lodging. Hopefully, he will bring his family with him and stay for six months starting on May 1, 2017. We will start him out with minimum salary which will grow as our business grows. We hope he will want to become a Canadian Citizen. Hopefully he will stay with us and grow with our business. We will require that he work for us for a minimum of number of years.

We have used the services of two Syrian families who have migrated to Canada. Canada is in the middle of importing 100,000 refugees from Syria.

In January, we intend to make application to Canada for permanent residency. They will accept 10,000 applications based on a lottery system.

We are hopefull that year 2017 will be another successful year for JHII. It goes without saying, JHII is a 501 (3) c. We can accept donations from Canadian and U.S. Citizens. For all donations, you will receive a tax receipt from JHII.

Thank you for being part of our missionary efforts.


Don Wolkins

December 29, 2016





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