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Poverty levels are high in Panama in spite of the country's strong economic growth. In rural areas about 45% of the population is poor and 23% live in extreme poverty. More than 80% of Panama's indigenous people live below the poverty line, and they are the fastest growing segment of the population.  

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Almost a quarter of the population in rural Philippines cannot access clean water and 27% of the population lives in poverty. Nearly 24% of the country suffers from extreme hunger. Approximately 50% of the Philippine population live in rural areas, making it difficult to get to essential health care and pharmaceuticals. Poverty is most severe and most widespread in these areas.

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Poverty is prevalent in Romania's rural areas where almost half of the population lives. Rural people are subject to the hardships brought on by the painful economic and social transition after the collapse of communism. The poorest people live in remote mountainous areas, where infrastructure and social services are lacking.

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